In case you feel you haven’t been properly introduced, allow us to present some of the more colorful personalities you’ll find around Grimbly Hall:

gbio01NEVILLE IMSETY (aka “Neferkare-Ka-Imsety”): The dashing and ebullient owner of the Hall was born in Ancient Egypt shortly after the invention of the pyramid. Mummified alive and then entombed dead, he was dug up in 1920 by passing archaeologists and ever since he’s been living the life of a bright young thing in London and New York. Witty, charming, and given to short-lived enthusiasms.

gbio02REGGIE THERIOT (aka “Lt. Reginald Theriot”)  served his country in the World War, but ended up bitten by a German wolf and invalided out. Cursed with lycanthropy and the unstylish facial hair it brings, he was reduced to poverty and was living rough in Central Park when Neville quite literally stumbled upon him. Now he works as Neville’s chauffeur and confidante. Moody, introspective, but a real wonder with machines.

gbio06BABS has led an interesting life, of which only scant details are yet available. Appearing on Grimbly Hall’s doorstep one night during a rainstorm, this beautiful young flapper turned out to be a rusalka, a kind of Slavic mermaid. Energetic, fun-loving, and nearly incomprehensible.


gbio03MRS. PATAVATSKY (aka “Irina Mikhailovna Patavatskaya,” aka “The Red Caterer” aka “The People’s Chef”, aka aliases too numerous to mention) is a known socialist and labor agitator and also a possessor of le Grand Diplôme from the Cordon Bleu. Having failed in an attempt to assassinate Joseph Stalin with a cake-shaped bomb, she fled to the United States, where she ended up working as the housekeeper at Grimbly Hall.

gbio04HUGHES (aka “Mr. Hughes” to his fellow servants) worked as the butler of Grimbly Hall until 1919, when he unfortunately fell off a ladder while replacing a light bulb. Of course, a butler’s work is never done, so he refused to let something as trivial as death interfere with his duties. Like any good butler, he is never seen unless his presence is desired.

gbio05MR. JONES (aka “Qornok”) having been sent to Earth on a mission of conquest, this friendly young alien brain parasite currently resides inside a bust of Alexander Hamilton in the Hall’s library. While still in the process of gaining fluency in English, he has proved to be a dedicated student of the more corking sort of literature, what?

gbio07CHIEF SUPERINTENDENT DETECTIVE SERGEANT MULDOON is the only known member of the police force of Pinemont, New York, and as such he wears many hats. Oddly conversant with the physics of flying creatures and utterly incorruptible, if you don’t ask too many questions on his views re Prohibition or the taking of bribes.

gbio08DR. THURLOW was once a humble professor of physics at a British university (neither of the ones you’re thinking of). When one of his students was found dead and drained of blood on the college quadrangle, he investigated, intending to prove that there was nothing whatsoever “supernatural” about the crime. It… didn’t work out too well for him. A long-time resident of Pinemont, he is known to be on very friendly terms with the local constabulary.