Welcome, one and all, to GRIMBLY HALL!

Here you will find a series of amusing stories by the horror scribe David Wellington, illustrated for your edification by Joel Carroll. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday you simply must return to find new chapters.

We hope you will enjoy them.

Yes, yes, but what, precisely, is a GRIMBLY HALL?

You may very well ask. It is a mansion located near the fictional town of Pinemont, New York. Built in the last days of the nineteenth century by eccentric occultist Septimus Grimbly (now deceased), it developed something of a reputation. In 1926 the Hall was purchased by a four thousand year old mummy named Neville, who moved in with his chauffeur Reggie (who happened to be a werewolf). In the years that followed they had many whimsical and exciting adventures. This website aims to be the chronicle of those halcyon days.

So, wait, GRIMBLY HALL is set in the 1920s?

Indeed! Return with us to that glamorous decade. Observe the wild parties, the scientific advances, the anything goes attitude of that wondrous time! Though frankly, if you’ve come here looking for a faithful recreation of the decade you’re rather barking up the wrong tree. Here you’ll find a gentler, more wistful idea of the 20s than historians might like. Of course, the existence of mummies and werewolves might have tipped you off to the fact that not everything portrayed here is strictly true to life.

I’m not sure I follow. GRIMBLY HALL is horror fiction?

Brr! In a way, perhaps, this is true. There are ghosts and ghouls and in Episode Two there’s even a dragon. You need not be too worried, however. The stories are comic in tone and not gruesome at all. Well, maybe a little bit, but not enough to pop any monocles. We assure you that reading the stories late at night is unlikely to give you nightmares. We like to say it’s a cozy little horror. Are you familiar with cozy mysteries? It’s like that. Only with monsters and many fewer murders. Of course, if you’re looking for headier stuff, real spine-chilling and nerve-shattering fare, Mr. Wellington is happy to provide. But for now just pull up a divan, get comfortable, and prepare to chuckle.

Why, this GRIMBLY HALL thing seems right up my alley!

Wonderful! If you enjoy the stories, please don’t hesitate to write us and let us know, via the handy contact form below. You can pretend you’re sending a telegram! Or why not tweet about it, using the hashtag #grimblyhall? Your tweets will show up on the site so everyone can see them. And please don’t hesitate to share the stories with friends and family. There’s plenty of whimsy to go around!