About the Author

Mr. Wellington in Egypt, 2010

Mr. Wellington in Egypt, 2010. Camel unidentified.

David Wellington is the author of many horror and thriller novels, none of which are suitable for children. Under the pen name “David Chandler” he has also written a trilogy of fantasy novels, which are still rather adult in theme, but not nearly so gruesome or prurient.

In 2003 he began serializing Monster Island, a zombie novel, on a friend’s blog. Readership started slow with mostly friends and family members viewing the first chapter, but quickly blossomed until he was offered a book deal with Thunder’s Mouth Press. He has made a living as a novelist ever since, but always had the urge to return to the online serial format, stating in interviews that it was “fun” and that he “learned a lot.”

His early serials may be viewed–by brave souls–at davidwellington.net, where information on his published works is also available. He can be found on Facebook and Twitter by using the social icons in the sidebar. You may contact him using the form on this site’s ABOUT page.

Grimbly Hall is his first attempt at humor. Hopefully “attempt” will not be the operative term.

Mr. Wellington lives in New York City, but does not receive unannounced visitors.